Winter Calm

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Winter Calm

Our relationship with this blog is dysfunctional.  There, we’ve said it.  We cannot promise to be better at keeping our little blog up to date, because we don’t make promises we cannot keep.

However, we’d like to sign off the year with these gorgeous photos from the very talented Megan Clouse of our little taxi, preparing for the cozy winter ahead.  It’s been a busy year and we’re all looking forward to the calmer, colder months, characterized (in our house, at least) by warm fires, homemade vermouth, stodgy desserts and with some luck, rainy days and a few consecutive days off!

low_meganclouse_daisyrose-45 low_meganclouse_daisyrose-40 low_meganclouse_daisyrose-20    low_meganclouse_daisyrose-50 low_meganclouse_daisyrose-60   low_meganclouse_daisyrose-61(2)

low_meganclouse_daisyrose-22See you next year!


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