This Oasis is a Mirage

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This Oasis is a Mirage

Floral Foam is bad.  It never, ever breaks down.  It’s ugly, it’s unnatural and flowers die faster when they are in it.  If you’ve ever touched it, it has the consistency of bad watermelon, but with the creepy powdery effect of fiber glass.  It gives me the shivers, and I avoid it all together in my own designs.

Unfortunately, it is the florist’s crutch.   But I ask myself, aren’t florists supposed to be creative and artistic by nature?  Yes (is the answer).  So why use foam, when you can give yourself the exciting challenge of creating the shape and look you want, naturally?  It might take a little more work, but the result will be infinitely more beautiful and environmentally responsible.

If not, then the basis of your flower arrangements is this ugly blob of landfill.  You might be surprised to learn that this objectionable material is prevalent in most flower shops and floral businesses.  Buyer beware!

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