Save Dough for Cake

Flowers on the cheap

Save Dough for Cake

Sometimes clients come to me with tight budgets for large events.  This is when a little creativity can go a long way.  Here are a few methods I recommend to keep your flowers within budget.

Suggestion 1 – Use seasonal, local flowers – Saving money and being environmentally responsible is a win win situation!!  Here’s an example of a wedding that used all local, organic and seasonal flowers from a single farm in Glen Ellen.  Choosing all your flowers from one farm may restrict your options, but if this doesn’t say, “Hello, informal, wine country chic!” what does?  Inexpensive Wedding flowersPhotos: Diana Rothery Photography

Suggestion 2 – Colorful minimalism – Focus on bold shapes, and color, rather than lushness.  This centerpiece required minimal dollars but still looked intentional and stylish.  Grouping a set of containers of varying heights together quickly adds interest while the bold colors in the flowers mean they don’t have to be expensive to get noticed.

Photo © Jessamyn Harris Photography

Suggestion 3 – Keep the good stuff for yourself! – Splash out on your bouquet and keep everything else simple.  You have to be careful with this option – the result can be underwhelming if your linens and attire are also plain Jane.  You’ve been warned.

Simplify the bridesmaids’ bouquets, thusly:


Photo © Lindsay Ferraris Photography


Photo © Elle Jae Wedding Photography

Suggestion 4 – Tell your florist to do whatever she wants! – This one is my favorite.  Pick a florist who you like, give them a budget, suggest a couple of flower and color preferences and let them run with it.  You can’t go wrong.  Most of my best work has been done for the client who gave me free creative reign.


Photo © Cathy Stancil Photography



Photo © Elle Jae Wedding Photography



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