New Delivery Taxi

Black London Cab

New Delivery Taxi

Stardate April 23rd, 2012. Embark on voyage of epic proportions, um, to Oxnard, to collect London taxi – chrome black, iconic, diesel.  We leave the homestead at 4:45am. The sun is not yet brave enough to have risen in the sky. We are a bit grumpy. The road is empty and stuff.

Four hundred weeks later (seemingly), having passed through some monumentally beautiful springtime countryside (and some boring stretches, let’s face it), we arrive, finally. Jim checks oil, gas, battery, turbo flaps, etc., and refers to diagram to ensure steering wheel is comfortingly on wrong side.

Less than an hour later – and some minor scares about impounding or even destroying the vehicle (as happened to 2 other cars) – we set off, into the endless sunset of happiness and joy.  Jim drove the taxi, since he has English experience, what with actually being English, and I followed behind, doing the important part: snapping photos and ferrying Cooper the dog.

After two days – about 20 hours of driving – we made it home.  Cooper wakes up. Barks a bit. And the taxi is safe and sound, resting in the garage, waiting for it’s next adventure – flower delivery!

And bish, bash, bosh, as Jamie Oliver might say, Bob’s your uncle.

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