Man & Wife’s Best Friend

Dogs in Weddings (Flowers by Daisy Rose Floral Design)

Man & Wife’s Best Friend

© Boro Creative Visions Photography

It’s no secret that we’re dog lovers here.  That’s why we’re so thrilled to see our four furry footed friends in so many of our weddings.  After all, dogs is family.  So when you get ready to tie the knot, sure your best buddy will want to be there with you.  And let’s face it, you may get some pretty gorgeous photos of your devoted friend that you’d otherwise never get.  I mean, Instagram is nice and all, but you’re probably hiring a professional photographer anyway. For instance, get dog to match bouquet: jharris_I_1192© Jessamyn Harris Photography

Bespoke, elegant topper: 2014-01-11 07.22.51 pm

In house comedian keeps carbon biped entertained: 2013_06_08_erinjoaquin_0111© KT Merry Photography

Whatever you do, don’t leave him behind. “Hey, guys!  Wait up!”:

2014-01-11 07.30.08 pm_1All flowers by Daisy Rose Floral Design.

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