Flower Studio – Before pictures

We don’t have the

Flower Studio – Before pictures

Right now (circa 2011) I work from a garage, but have plans to convert a funky (bad) old shed into a funky (good) flower studio/office.  We want to put in fantastic lighting, old fixtures, lots of windows and one of those snazzy concrete floors that will be forgiving of organic clippings and moisture.  It should look like an old barn on the outside and a stylish retreat on the inside.

Spot the dog (no prizes).

Newfoundland remodels a shed

Obviously, there is some work to be done…. Not by him, though. He has more of a supervisory capacity.

Neglected shed

Can you see our vision through the many layers of grime and neglect?  If not, the “after” pictures will come along one day and this space will be full of flowers and other lovely things!  Stay tuned.

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  1. Chrissie has long thought of what fun it would be do find a barn to convert into a house. Not quite sure this fits the bill and the location isn’t wholly convenient for her to get to her horse very easily. So, good luck, we shan’t be bidding to interfere.

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