Floral Mandalas at Winery Sixteen600

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Floral Mandalas at Winery Sixteen600

Sunday, July 10, 2:00pm to 3:30pm

With Alice Pennes & Daisy Rose

Tickets Available at www.DefiantFlower.com or by clicking HERE

The idea of the Mandala can be found in cultures all over the world as a symbol of the completeness of the universe.  The Mandala’s concentric, geometric patterns may best be known from Tibetan Buddhist sand paintings – intricate works of communal art, which take days of careful practice to create and just minutes to wipe away.  This class, inspired by traditional Mandalas, embraces the radiant, ephemeral beauty of flowers and the healing properties of creativity and self-expression.


Students will have access to an inspiring selection of natural materials and will be guided through creating their original designs.  In this thoughtful practice, flowers will be deconstructed and appreciated for individual petals, leaves, stamen and pistils.  Students will leave with a deeper understanding of the material’s texture, color & shape that will carry over to their own practice in traditional flower arranging and garden design.


Rachael Hariston will be photographing each Mandala for students to leave with a small print and digital file of their work – great for printing on a larger scale or on canvas.


Winery Sixteen600 will be offering a selection of floral wines to compliment the practice. Choose either a half or full tasting at check out.


Winery Sixteen600 Tasting House

589 1st St. West

Sonoma, Ca 95476


$85 Includes Half Tasting

$100 Includes Full Tasting

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