Bouquets to Art

De Young Museum, San Francisco

Bouquets to Art

In the unlikely event that you were remiss enough to pass by the ‘Bouquets to Art’ exhibition at the De Young Museum this year, here’s a summary:  Awesome good fun!  Don’t miss it next year!! Incredible floral interpretations of the art on display. Which is better? The original or the floral? What does it mean? Is it literal? What is Impressionistic? Is that a hat?

For my work – a representation of William Stanley Haseltine’s ‘Indian Rock’ (see above) – I hoped to encapsulate the feeling of the painting, the texture and the energy, but stay true to the image. I avoided all foam (not sea foam. Ho ho), plastics and artificial materials (as always, unless impossible) – just flowers, water and (ceramic) containers.  Here’s mine and a few, rather good, others..

No spot the dog prizes this week, but can you see me and my husband in there? (Still no prize. Stop calling.)

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