Musical Interlude

Hello, party people!

This post will be straying a bit from the typical floral chit chat – though only a little, into the realm of a complimentary art – groovy music!

Team Venus, formed by Chris Vibberts – who’s previous band played at our wedding five years ago and who once slept in my childhood bed (long story) – and Alia Beeton, are in the middle of a big, exciting campaign to raise money for their album Love On a Faultline. There’s also a music video in the works for the first single “My Mister Grey”.  Hold up?!  Whaaat?  A music video?!  That’s RAD!  These guys are cooler than Jeff Spicoli’s checkered vans, man!!

So please consider donating to their campaign at before Sept 25th (2014, obvi) and all new contributions will be DOUBLED!  Now’s that’s a Karma deal y’all!!  AND, once you contribute, you’ll be able to casually drop into any conversation how you make donations to the arts and stuff.  Your friends will finally know how cultured and sophisticated you are!
TV beaming pic
This is how they’ll look when they find out you helped.  And hey, if you get in there early you might even befriend them before they’ve acquired their magical powers that everyone knows is brought on by fame and Grammys!!
Check them out here:
Man & Wife’s Best Friend

© Boro Creative Visions Photography

It’s no secret that we’re dog lovers here.  That’s why we’re so thrilled to see our four furry footed friends in so many of our weddings.  After all, dogs is family.  So when you get ready to tie the knot, sure your best buddy will want to be there with you.  And let’s face it, you may get some pretty gorgeous photos of your devoted friend that you’d otherwise never get.  I mean, Instagram is nice and all, but you’re probably hiring a professional photographer anyway. For instance, get dog to match bouquet: jharris_I_1192© Jessamyn Harris Photography

Bespoke, elegant topper: 2014-01-11 07.22.51 pm

In house comedian keeps carbon biped entertained: 2013_06_08_erinjoaquin_0111© KT Merry Photography

Whatever you do, don’t leave him behind. “Hey, guys!  Wait up!”:

2014-01-11 07.30.08 pm_1All flowers by Daisy Rose Floral Design.

Flower Studio Before and After

Fanfare. This poor blog has endured over a year of neglect (largely due to the hacking forces of ne’er do wells. And it’s not like we’re storing secret information that should be in the public arena). So, finally, one of our most anticipated posts to ring in the New Year:  The Flower Studio before and after!!  You may remember the before pictures. A run down stable/chicken shed, established, probably, to commemorate the Statute of Independence. Renovating the existing structure, and built using as many reclaimed and scavenged materials as humanly possible, horses and chickens are no longer welcome.


The studio remodel took a seemingly eternal 6 months(ish) to complete. A process exacerbated daily by the hunt for materials, time, money, and construction knowledge. Every inch of the studio is proof that with the help of informed friends and father-in-law, determination and imagination, anything is possible – even when you start out knowing nothing.  You can’t help but feel supported and inspired when you step inside (or stay outside, no pressure).


Left:  The cooler, lacking the right amount of insulation. Right: Somebody enjoys the cool cement floor.


The windows are US army barracks windows from WW1. A sliding barn door constructed from donated 100 year old redwood leads into the office, and another, hermetically sealed and insulated (using an unwanted hot tub lid), heads into the uber-efficient floral cooler.

before after

All the siding was salvaged, mostly from generous and bemused local farmers; And you can find tin lids covering the holes littering the walls, acknowledging the improvisations of the settlers.


Windows. Dogs. Daisy:

2014-01-12 06.25.05 am


The before pictures were snapped by us, while the gorgeous, refined and beautifully thoughtful after shots were taken by Jessamyn Harris Photography.  Jessamyn put Daisy so at ease that she forgot she doesn’t like having her picture taken!


Mini flower studio for birds.