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Daisy lived in Spain for 8 years before she realized her calling to become a florist was luring her back to her hometown of Sonoma, California.  After studying with some of the great names in floristry and interning under the protective wing of an invaluable mentor, Daisy decided to take the creative reigns and launch her own business. She met Mr. Right – with a florist’s dream of a last name, Mr. Rose – married him, they started a business together and Daisy Rose Floral Design was born.

Our arrangements draw together a variety of textures, shapes and colors that are fashioned into a unique and (barely) contained explosion of life, vitality and energy.  We never use materials to “bulk up” an arrangement, every flower or foliage should add to the beauty of a piece.  We love to incorporate unusual, and interesting elements to add a frisson of excitement to the arrangements, when appropriate.

Beauty’s precedent is set by Nature. Because of this, at Daisy Rose Floral Design, we are committed to keeping our process as natural and as organic as we can. We strive to make the smallest impact on the environment, sourcing flowers locally and making use of what is in season. We try to utilize sustainable practices wherever possible, such as reusing and recycling materials, avoiding floral foam or plastics and composting all plant material.

After all, floristry is a celebration of Nature’s gifts and it is in all our interests to protect and sustain the world around us.

We specialize in flowers and floral decor for weddings, events and special occasions. Delivery of individual flower arrangements is available to Sonoma, Napa, Glen Ellen and Kenwood while larger orders, like weddings or preorders can be delivered to anywhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.